Friday, October 31, 2008

Traffic confusion

What a mess we are getting into with our local government's plans to dig up the principal main road, through our capital, build some office blocks on top of it, and then dig a tunnel for the road to go back through, but not have any parking for the office blocks, so that the traffic will have to carry on into town, anyway.

Of course, by the time it is all finished, petrol will be too expensive, for ordinary commuters to use, so, everybody will be on buses or bicycles. I need to ask my friends if, anyone has any ideas, about how we could introduce a decent bus service. The future will have to be green, but, some of the details, about how to make it so are a bit difficult to work out, so, those of us, who want an end to the present rotten government, need to get together with intellectuals who can understand these things.

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