Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello, everybody, I am Steve Sheffield, the anti-establishment political activist, and I have decided that, I ought to have a blog, too, because everybody else seems to have one, these days, even clowns like our local politicians, who all seem to get elected without having any talent or experience, which has given me a good idea, because seeing how I have not got any either, if I could get elected, too I would earn lots more money, than in my present dead-end occupation.

Therefore, whenever any malcontents band together to protest about the state of things around here, I like to jump on their bandwagon too, as it helps to make me look more important when I write, or even make speeches, about things, if I can be billed as the chairman of this or the secretary of that, and, moreover, I get to meet real anti-establishment politicians, with ideas and knowledge, who could tell me what to do, if I could manage to get elected.

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