Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Nearly Famous

Well, I have had an exciting start to the New Year: We have had a spot of bother, over the local branch, of a famous chain-store, sacking all their workers, without paying them off properly, and so, my friends Pink Andy, and Red Jeff the champagne socialist have both started campaigns to get them looked after, by our government, because it is their fault that it isn't illegal to treat workers like that, here.

Anyway, Andy has let me help his campaign, and so, I have been the frontman doing all the interviews, not having any reputation to lose, by making a fool of myself, and so getting lots of lovely publicity ready to run for election next time, seeing how the Party didn't bother to use me, last time, for some reason. The stuff they told me to say actually makes sense, too, all about how we ought to be ashamed of not having the same kind of worker protection as everywhere else, and that we should change the law before the banks start going down, too, and we should make sure the shop workers get what they should have had, and so I didn't get Paxoed, but the TV and radio people let me explain, instead.