Friday, October 31, 2008


It is outrageous, how our local politicians are squandering the poor taxpayers' money on monstrously expensive consultants, to tell them how to bring in schemes, that never seem to work properly, anyway, but they keep on doing it, so that, they can get “expert opinions” to the effect that, things that, everybody knows are plain stupid could be done after all. And, then, they tell us, not to blame them, when it all turns out pear-shaped, because it was the consultants' advice that, persuaded them to do it.

I shall have to talk to my fellow malcontents, at our next meeting, and see if any of the intellectual ones have any ideas for how, we could do better, so that, I will not need to hire lots of expensive experts when I am a politician.

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Anonymous said...

are u mad JTM????????