Friday, October 31, 2008


The thing about Conservatives, is, that they are not only capitalists, but they are , also, Christians, mostly, as well, and, instead of just attacking them over hard-to-understand stuff, like finance, we should be attacking their religion, too, because it all comes down to the Divine Right of Kings, and if we can make it official that God does not really exist, then Kings and Queens don't have any Divine Right to rule us anymore, and nor do the Bailiff and Ministers on their behalf, and so we can have some constitutional reform. I know constitutional reform would be a good thing, because my friend Slick Nick told me, and he went to a very posh school, and university, too, and he understands difficult things like that, even if I don't always understand the way he explains them, with lots of big words.

So I am going to start a campaign for atheists to have equal rights to Christians; after all it is obvious that the universe must have just created itself, so why would it have needed a god to do it? If, I keep claiming that , not believing is just as much of a religion as believing, then maybe I can undermine the privileged place, Christians claim, as the watchdogs of our public morals, after all, Jesus said, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's ,and our whole finance industry is about helping rich capitalists, with more than I am ever likely to get, duck out of doing that, so, maybe, I can nail them all as a bunch of hypocrites.

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