Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vote for Our Bloke, Even Though He Is Already In!

Oh, dear, I am so confused, because my party is making a terrible cock-up, and I am always sticking up for them publicly, and, so, everyone is going to think, I am an idiot, too, when it is not really my fault, only I don't want to quit, or else, I shall just be a nobody, instead of a Member Of The Party, and then who will listen to me?

We are going to put a candidate up, for the by-election, which is what parties are supposed to do, only we are putting a member we have already got up, so we look really stupid, and I don't know how to doctor the spin, so we look clever, instead, and so we are getting ripped on the internet, instead of getting lots of pledges of support , like the other candidates.

All we want to do is, make sure that nasty, rude man, who is seeking re-election, doesn't get back in, because he wants to be the leader of the opposition, but so does our bloke, and he is one of us, and he works harder, too. It is all the rude man's fault, because he shouldn't have put himself up for re-election anyway. It was teasing, to make a vacancy, and then, say he was going to go for getting his job back ,when we were already plotting to snatch his seat for ourselves.

Anyway, I want everybody to vote for our bloke, so we get rid of the rude man, and, then, we can have another by-election, with a proper candidate, like we should have had in the first place.

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